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Customer Comments

"Wow!! Wow!!  I just read the book and I LOVE it.  I LOVE the idea behind it sooo much.  Yes, as a single mom, I can feel every word of this book--to drive home to girls from a young age that they are all special and unique creatures of God, and that we all deserve to be treated as such...if this message can be taught early and often, it will make this world a better place and a much happier one."
-Sharen Trischank

"I pray that God will continue to keep you blessing us with your literary and many other gifts that glorify His name!"
-Flolena Redmond

Amazon Five Star Reviews *****

Love the message of the book, as well as the writing and the graphics.  SO well done.  I share it with every girl I know.  GREAT gift for new grandmas...especially of little girls.  Thanks Celeste!
-Kansas City Connection

This inspired book delivers wonderful message to children.  I hope Celeste T. Parker continues to write!